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We have heard that 'the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge.'

Pornography is an illusion, but the insidious impact it has on the way women are treated in our culture is very real. 51 percent of US adults surveyed believe that pornography raises men’s expectations of how women should look and changes men’s expectations of how women should behave.

Studies have shown that pornography actually rewires brain chemistry.  This is of particular concern as young children and teens are being repeatedly exposed to images of cruelty, violence and misogyny at a time when their young minds are most impressionable.

Pornography also plays a role in the exponential increase in the number of trafficking victims. A relatively small percentage of women enter into prostitution and pornography by choice. Too many are trapped or coerced into the industry—including 70% of trafficking victims who are trafficked into the commercial sex industry - a strip club, pornography, an escort agency, and street prostitution.

Research shows that pornography has a direct correlation to the sexual abuse of our women and children. In fact, a large percentage of women in the sex industry are often victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Learn more about pornography and its connections to sex trafficking and sexual abuse and help break these invisible chains.



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Creating communities that honor women.



To change a community means community members must be engaged and care about the issue of sexual exploitation.

Steps to take include but are not limited to:
  • Have a community meeting to assess interest in raising awareness and doing a community outreach project 
  • Create a list of partners and resources in your particular community
  • Inquire about a billboard in your community to create awareness

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