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Helpful Organizations For Wives/Spouses

Helpful Organizations For Wives/Spouses

The organizations featured below are resources for wives and spouses.


Blazing Grace is a Christ-centered ministry to those who want freedom from sexual addiction, and support for their wives.

Today there is a porn epidemic in the church. Statistics show that at least 50% of Christian men (including those in leadership positions) and 20% of women are struggling with porn/sexual sin.

For those in bondage to sexual sin and their wives, know this: God changes lives, and there is hope.

Blazing Grace offers resources full of hope, and answers and the path to freedom for those struggling with porn addiction; support and healing for the wives who are hurting.


FamilyLife has information about first steps you can take when finding out that your husband has been struggling with pornography.

The first thing you need to work through is your immediate response. Your strong feelings are both understandable and justified.

 Please know there is hope: many couples have succeeded in overcoming pornography and have found a healthy balance in their marriage again: a marriage that they love being part of. Read the post about helping your husband with pornography.

lifestar-logo-bigLifeStar is an Internationally recognized treatment program in nearly 40 Cities across the U.S. and Canada.

LifeStar has been helping individuals, spouses, and families heal from the devastating affects of pornography addiction and other sexually compulsive behaviors. Through an innovative and proven three phase treatment program, this intensive outpatient group therapy approach gives participants the resources, support, and structure needed to experience a successful recovery from the damaging effects of pornography and sexual addiction.

If an office is not currently located in your City or State they can still help!  

Contact them today and begin your journey to a New Life; with New Hope and New Freedom.  

Recovery IS possible!


L.I.F.E. Recovery International is a Christ-centered support group ministry whose mission is to encourage, empower, and equip God’s people to live everyday in sexual integrity. L.I.F.E. provides consistently-revised workbook resources, educational multimedia presentations, and support group structure to the Christian community across the globe.


Help for Spouse's of Sex Addicts
L.I.F.E. Recovery Guide for Spouses

freedomeeverydayguide spouses lgThis workbook will introduce a new way of looking at recovery and transformation in our lives. While the workbook is easy enough to follow alone, it is highly recommended that it be used in conjunction with a L.I.F.E. support group. By participating in a group, one enters a safe-environment of others on the same journey creating a support structure. This workbook is not for women dealing with sexual addiction.

Learn More about the Spouse's of Sex Addicts Recovery Guide


Home Life Ministries is dedicated to strengthening Christian marriages and families through:

  • Radio Broadcasts – Strengthening the Christian home
  • Counseling Services – Including long-distance services using Skype
  • Bible Teaching – Invite us to speak at your Church services or event
  • Internet Resources – Blogs, Facebook, Twitter,

journeytojoyJourney to Healing and Joy is a ministry developed to help wives of sex addicts, as well as their marriages. Here you will not automatically be labeled codependent.

Based on recent research, Journey to Healing and Joy believes most partners of sexual addicts are suffering from trauma, and that many of their symptoms will ease as their trauma is addressed.  They care deeply about the heartache and confusion you feel and want to provide encouragement, hope, and support.  They have survived their own painful experiences with sex addiction, and have gone on to thrive. They want to help you make the same healing journey. They invite you to reach out and ask for help.


Pure Life Ministries exists to serve Christian individuals and organizations dealing with sexual sin throughout the world by providing biblically based counseling, teaching resources, and a public speaking ministry with the goal of leading Christians to victory over sexual sin through a deeper life in God.

Offering resources such as podcasts, articles, counseling, videos, stories, and more for both men and women wanting to break free from the addiction of pornography as well as resources for leaders of our churches.

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