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Audio/Video for Families

Audio/Video for Families

The audio/video resources featured below are resources for families.

7524828 s opt opt Internet Safety 101® is a widely-renowned resource and teaching series that paints a comprehensive picture of the dangers children encounter online.

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Matt struggled for years to overcome his addiction to hard drugs. Once he got clean he later found himself addicted to pornography and realized how similar the withdrawal symptoms were.

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Pornography Harms Children – Dr. Sharon Cooper

A detailed explanation of why pornography is so damaging for young children and teenagers.

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The Impact of Pornography on Women by Jill C. Manning

A discussion of pornography’s negative impact on women, including teens. Social Science Findings and Clinical Observations 

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The Power of Protection video gives TEN crucial points to teach your children to help protect them from sexual abuse.

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Renovation is part of Jeff's DNA. He's been in construction since he could swing a hammer. To him there is nothing more satisfying than transforming a old house into something new and beautiful.

In this video, Jeff talks candidly about the renovation process in his own life, how God created something good out of his mess and the lessons he learned that will help fathers guide their sons down the right path concerning sex and pornography.

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The band Rush of Fools share how pornography has affected their lives with messages especially tailored to young men.

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Dr. Shelley Lubben presents the truth about pornography to students at Bakersfield Christian High School, February 2013.

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This video is a humorous explanation on a serious issue in our youth culture today.  Porn is desensitizing, perverse, addictive and causes you to act out.

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