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Rush of Fools

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The band Rush of Fools share how pornography has affected their lives with messages especially tailored to young men.

Wes Willis's Story

Lead singer for Rush of Fools, Wes Willis, shares the importance of talking to your kids about sex. In our culture today, it is something we can not afford to overlook. Wes stresses the value and joy associated with abstaining until marriage.


JD's Story

JD from Rush of Fools witnessed a friend fall into the trap of pornography and watched him become completely desensitized.

JD's story is a wake-up call to the damages of letting temptation take a person too far. But God's grace is still enough to cover it all. Nothing is beyond God's redemptive power.


Kevin's Story

Kevin Huguley from Rush of Fools discusses openness in talking about sex. 12-17 Year olds are the largest consumers of pornography and Kevin calls the church to act in prevention.


Jacob's Story

Jacob Chesnut from Rush of Fools knows a few things about purity. Speaking as a son and a teen growing up in a sexually-saturated culture, Jacob exposes the truth about today's youth and their knowledge about sex.

His journey is a compelling story that calls churches and parents alike to start the conversation with teens about sex and not to keep it in the dark.


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