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Keep Calm and Gift On

“I was looking for you last week!”giftbaggies 1 opt

This is a comment from one of the ladies, which reminds us why it is so important to be consistent with our outreach and continue to offer hope, love, and light to those working in these dark places.

Gifts are one way to show those in the adult entertainment industry that they are valued and loved. It's also a way to leave a little hope behind.

When the ladies in these establishments see us carrying in gift bags, knowing they are donated from various churches and groups, they are thankful, feel loved, and the lines of communication open up.

This helps us build relationships.

Many of you have been asking how you can help us share the love in these dark places. Please consider donating items on our wish list or making a financial contribution so our team can do a little shopping!

Our Wish List:
Immediate Needs:

  • 6 dozen cupcakes baked and ready for decorating.  Cupcakes can be frozen.
  • 8 sticks margarine
  • 4 sticks of Crisco
  • 8  2 lb bags of powdered sugar 
  • Small “flowered” gifts such as: notepads, pens, stickers, etc. 
  • Foot pampering items such as pumice stones, polish, nail files, etc.  
  • Individually wrapped snacks (crackers, pretzels, cookies, chocolate, etc.)  

September Needs:

  • 75 Coffee mugs
  • hot chocolate packets, with or without marshmallows
  • microwave popcorn      

October Needs:

  • 75 Grocery Gift cards in $10.00 denominations  

Ongoing Needs:

  • paper products for meals
  • hand sanatizer wipes and other personal hygiene products
  • gift bags and tissue paper
  • bite sized chocolates (individually wrapped)
  • snacks (individually wrapped)

Donations can be given in smaller or specific quantities of  6 - 12 - 18 - 24 - 36 up to 75.

To make arrangements to donate specific items, please use our Contact Us form or consider a Financial Donation.




Apology To Women - Video


Darrell Brazell, Director of New Hope Fellowship and Ministries: "This is something I would love for every woman to hear. I lead groups for men wrestling with sexual addiction and have found that 9 out 10 men come to me because their wife finally got enough information and courage to be able to say "Either get help or get out."

Because of that, I have been on a mission of "protecting Eve" by trying to speak honestly and tell women that "It isn't their fault," "The problem is real" and "You aren't crazy." My apology is something I gave to the Women of Virtue Conference in Kansas City last year and it is my apology to my wife, my daughter and to all women on behalf of every man who has strayed." 

This is a 'must hear' message, whether you're a Christian or not! One of our own SSD team members viewed Darrell's video and openly shares her honest review:

I remember that time in our lives and the gut feeling I had that "something" was not right.

The answer from my husband was always, "there's nothing wrong, why do you keep asking me that??" 

When the truth came out, it was then hard to believe anything that was said to me.  I have heard the words before, "It isn't your fault,"  "You didn't do anything to cause this."  It's very hard to believe those words when the hurt is so deep. 

After listening to this and being able to hear it from another man being said not only to his wife and daughter, but to all women, somehow makes it more real and believable.  

I feel this is a powerful message that given to the right people at the right time can bring much healing.  The healing process from “porn” hurt is long and hard. The forgiveness seemed to come first but the hurt is what takes so long to heal.  

I feel I have made another stride in complete healing and have received additional confirmation for my decision to stay with my husband.

What are your thoughts after hearing Darrell's personal apology? 



abandon all hope ye who enter here

 SpaVisit 2014-07-25 001 65.jpg

Several ladies from one adult business we've started visiting recently could not attend our Spa/Pampering Day in spring due to the hours and distance, so we asked if we could bring it to them!

Eight of us walked into the dressing room to serve…and four hours later walked out with full hearts and a freshly printed note of appreciation from our new friends - telling us to remember that we are loved!  

Contrary to the Dante quote on one mirror, we spent those hours with seven of the most interesting, sweetest ladies you will ever view photos and read more, visit our Facebook page!




Raising awareness in our state's capital


SSDBB27 2  Being a Voice for Daughters in PA





Our newest billboard on I-83S in Harrisburg, PA posted near the 2nd Street exit.





We are building a community model that values women and says 'No More Sexual Exploitation' because the women being oppressed through the sex industry, pornography and sex trafficking are real people…   

…in fact, She's Somebody's Daughter.



Put Your Game Face On



It was her first night in the club.

She needed the money and a friend said they needed dancers. It seemed like a win-win…until she spent a couple of hours trying to fit in and was told, “put your game face on because a scared, sad face makes you look ugly.” As we were serving snack plates and handing out gift bags, it was hard not to notice this particular scenario playing out behind us. 

As the night unfolded, there were the delighted faces of those ladies who recognize and know us from prior visits, along with warm welcomes of, “we are so happy to see you guys!” Yet a couple of us were very aware of this new girl, who kept quietly pacing back and forth near us.

We’re careful not to disturb the business at hand, but when it was discovered that the girl had slipped out to walk home in the dark, we were able to connect with her outside to offer her a ride home. This simple gesture on our part seemed to be appreciated by all, including the owner.

Reflecting on our recent visits, it has become more and more apparent that along with bringing light and hope, it is by offering food and tangible help that real needs are met and relationships are built. 

We certainly appreciate the many hands who prepare meals and baked goods twice a month and package it so nicely – even down to typed labels thanks to one of our male chefs!! This makes it so easy to serve while we focus on interacting with the ladies getting into deeper discussions about children, families and ongoing needs. 

Light just one little candle7 opt 2

Let's all light one little candle,
Why stumble on in the dark?
When the day is dark an' dreary,
And your way is hard to find,
Don't let your heart be weary,
Just keep this thought in mind!

It is better to light just one little candle,
Than to stumble in the dark!
Better far that you light just one little candle,
All you need's a tiny spark!

If we'd all say a prayer that the world would be free,
The wonderful dawn of a new day we'll see!
And, if everyone lit just one little candle,
What a bright world this would be!

To help us share a message of hope, a generous volunteer donated beautiful purple candles with hand decorated match packets. Along with a few lyrics printed on cards of this special Perry Como song, we were able to share this precious gift with almost 40 ladies in two businesses this time.

We are committed to keep lighting candles by visiting, serving food, offering a support network, and building relationships with those in the adult entertainment industry, drawing them into a circle of compassion and community.

If you’d like to “light just one little candle”, visit our updated homepage to find out how you can get involved and work with us to make this world a brighter place!


(Song lyrics by Joseph Maloy Roach, Published 1952)




She's Somebody's Daughter Blog

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Occasionally we feel compelled to write and share about current events or topics related to pornography, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse. Our blog is the outlet for when those urges strike, so sign up and look for new posts in the near future! 

It is our hope with our blog that readers will be encouraged, challenged, empowered, and compelled to speak up about these isues as we work together to create the kind of culture that honors all women.

We hope you will enjoy reading our archived posts published here that had been previously published on our Wordpress blog.

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