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Get involved today by becoming a She's Somebody's Daughter Grandparent.

Your voice and presence in your grandchild's life is important. Review the list below for ways you can positively impact your family and community that will benefit your grandchildren.


  1. Become informed about the harm pornography can cause and about the easy access to it that comes with the development of the rapidly changing technology.
  2. Don’t be afraid to talk with your children to make sure that they have appropriate safeguards in place. Parents are busy and sometimes even the best of them can miss things.
  3. Ask your children if you may have their permission to talk about things with your grandchildren like modesty, safe and unsafe touching, the importance of not going against what you know is right to please other people, and so on.
  4. Go through your own home and make sure all magazines, books, and videos that have objectionable material from shelves and drawers. Kids snoop. Is there anything in your house they shouldn’t find?
  5. Create a certificate suitable for framing proclaiming “Susie Smith is Somebody’s Daughter - Beloved and cherished by her parents Bob & Joan Smith, Her grandparents Samuel & Diane Smith and Paul & Sally Jones. If you are a Christian family you can add “and perfectly made by her Heavenly Father.”
  6. You, by dint of your age and experience, are leaders in your community. Speak out when you see businesses that objectify women and use inappropriate imagery in their advertising. If they won’t listen to you, take your dollars elsewhere.
  7. If you are a member of a civic group or a church, take a leading role in mentoring young people and helping to support married couples in the areas of healthy intimacy.
  8. If you are still in the work force make sure your place of business is one that honors the dignity of women in the workplace and in its advertising, if applicable.
  9. Write your congressperson or senator to support legislation that promotes a more civil society; one that respects and honors the dignity of all people.
  10. Write or call TV networks that air inappropriate imagery on their programs. Let advertisers on those programs know that you will not buy their products if they support such programming.
  11. Your grandchildren most likely use your computer; do you have internet safety software installed?

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