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Get involved today by becoming a She's Somebody's Daughter Church.

As the church we are called to live as "children of the light." Review the list below to find several ways your congregation can become one that tells the truth about pornography, offers counseling and support to those who need help, educates and mentors its youth, and empowers its members to become change agents in the community.

Dear Pastor,
   We appreciate the fact that you are very busy and probably have your hands more than full keeping up with all the commitments you already have.......

  1. Make a commitment at the leadership level to be a church that responds to those who are struggling with pornography with grace, not condemnation –with mercy, not judgment.
  2. Display the She’s Somebody’s Daughter banner on your church website as a way to identify your church as one that is proactive on dealing with the issues of pornography and sex trafficking.
  3. Make your church’s own T-Shirts using the She’s Somebody’s Daughter graphics found on this site on the front and your church’s name on the back. Sell them and use the proceeds to support ministries in your church or community that help make a difference on the issues of pornography and/or sex trafficking.
  4. Hold an event or conference on the harms of pornography at your church. Invite your community.
  5. Show “Somebody’s Daughter” documentary (or any of the other excellent videos listed on this site) to your small group or community group. Use the discussion guide.
  6. Become a mentor in the area of personal behavior regarding intimacy for the teenagers in your church. Hold retreats for both boys and girls where they receive education and guidance about how to develop a Godly understanding of sex in this highly sexualized culture.
  7. Hold a “Beauty Inside Out” event at your church, celebrating the young women in your church for achievements in academics, artistic endeavors, athletics, and service. In short, acknowledge the young women in your church for things that are NOT related to appearance. Make it an annual event.
  8. Preach about God’s standards for physical intimacy from the pulpit.
  9. Hold an event at your church, teaching kids – and the adults! - about Internet safety. If possible, have a member of the youth group be a part of presenting this program.
  10. Start a men’s accountability group in your church.
  11. Pray daily or commit to pray regularly for your church family in this area.
  12. Teach a “Consequences of Sexting” class to the youth at your church. Repeat it regularly.
  13. Teach a “Pornography Awareness” class at your church. Have it available on an ongoing basis. Make sure parents are up-to-date on the latest technology.
  14. Create a task force at your church to implement and monitor community action towards a pornography-free community.
  15. Make sure your church has counseling available for those who need help – either with an on-site counseling staff or through a referral relationship with a local counseling center.
  16. Make sure your clergy have Internet filter and accountability software on their computers.
  17. Create an environment in your church that will encourage people to come forward for help when they are struggling with this problem. Have a policy in place- before you need one -to respond to a church staff member who admits to a problem with pornography.   If they are repentant and willing to seek help, assist them in finding a counseling program and prayerfully support them through the process of rehabilitation.  Remain open to the idea of possible reintegration into the staff at a future date. They may be ideally suited at some point to return and be a leader in your congregation on this issue.
  18. Make sure there is a child protection policy at your church and enforce it.
  19. Pray for those struggling to overcome
  20. Pray for those involved in producing pornography.
  21. Make sure missionaries serving in the field from your church have Internet filter protection.
  22. Coordinate a church wide fasting event. Fast against the influence of pornography in your family, church, community, and in our country.
  23. If you have a video department, invite women to come in be filmed saying, “I am Somebody’s Daughter.” Ask them to name all relationships that apply to them. “I am somebody’s wife, sister, mother, grandmother, teacher” and so on. This is an affirming and healing exercise. Have a Christian therapist or pastor present. Invite men to come in as well and say “I am Somebody’s son, brother, father, etc.” Show the videos to your congregation so that they can see the value and dignity of the members of their own congregation and all the important relationships they represent.
  24. Become a She’s Somebody’s Daughter church by keeping this issue in front of the congregation on a regularPrint this list and post it in high traffic areas in your church where people can see it and be reminded to take action.

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