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Get involved today by becoming a She's Somebody's Daughter Campus.

As the leaders and educators of the next generation you have the opportunity to create a new culture that honors women and seeks to put an end to the objectification of all people.  Review the list below for ways you can become part of the solution!




  1. Target groups within the school that should be aligned with the issue such as student government, political associations, and campus ministries. Provide information and suggest ways to get involved.
  2. Organize lectures, panels, documentary screenings and other types of events that raise awareness.
  3. Provide opportunities for public expression of a commitment to helping create a pornography-free culture that honors women and children.
  4. Challenge your peers regarding the “Norms’ of pornography consumption typically associated with today’s youth. Offer ways to connect to help for those who are personally struggling with the issue. Encourage the administration to offer counseling to students who are seeking help in this area.
  5. Provide ways to engage with locally existing agencies and ministries.


  1. Target relevant departments such as law, social work, political science, medicine, and criminal justice to find already engaged faculty
  2. Identify faculty members who have published or have been otherwise working on the issue of sexual exploitation.
  3. Offer engagement to students through posters in faculty offices, flyers with service, study, or volunteer opportunities, and panels and symposiums on trafficking including research opportunities and mentorship.
  4. Invite guest lecturers to speak on human trafficking.
  5. In appropriate departments offer courses on human trafficking. Include strong service/learning components for immediate student engagement.


  1. Make public the school’s awareness of pornography as a growing problem in our society and the institution’s commitment to educate the students accordingly.
  2. Make pornography blocking/accountability software the standard for all faculty and administration computers and for all computers accessible by students on campus.
  3. Decide upon a campus-wide policy regarding pornography use and make it a part of the orientation program for all incoming students.
  4. Frame pornography and its ties to increased sexual slavery and human trafficking as a justice and human rights dilemma that this generation must be equipped to address.
  5. Make clear that pornography is a public health issue by utilizing statistics and reports making the connection between pornography ad sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. Have campus-wide champions within the administration that create a supportive environment on campus for dealing proactively with this issue in areas of both prevention and education.
  7. Make counseling available to those students who ask for help for a problem with pornography.

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