She's Somebody's Daughter, a 501(c)(3) based out of central PA, started in 2012. Originally, SSD was an awareness campaign focused on sharing the truth about sexual exploitation and the many forms it takes in our world today. We shared about the connections that pornography and explicit content have with sexual abuse and the reality that many women are forced into this industry. Then in 2013, we launched our Intervention Initiative with the goal of erasing the lines of separation that isolate women in the industry. Our Beautiful Exchange, a group of women who seek to help other women find resources and support in their time of need, began in 2014. We help carry the load of life, connect to community resources, and walk alongside each other in the journey toward wholeness and healing.


Through various awareness outlets, SSD has been able to tell thousands of people about sexual exploitation. Our goal is to shed light on its existence within our communities and to change the “sex work” narrative that perpetuates exploitative industries. We also provide prevention education for middle and high school students in regard to online safety, awareness of potential grooming, and red flags to watch for among peers. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation or want to raise funds to display a billboard in your community, please reach out to info@shessomebodysdaughter.org.

Volunteers regularly visit businesses within the commercial sex industry with home-cooked meals or gifts of honor. Our purpose is to keep showing up, offering a community of love and hope with the goal of erasing lines of separation and surrounding women with support. We share meals together, listen to stories, connect to resources as needs arise, and simply build new friendships. Over the past four years our Intervention team has expanded to visit locations throughout Central PA, Maryland and West Virginia approximately twice a month.


Below, you will find a list of other organizations that SSD relies on for information and support. If you are interested in seeking help for yourself or someone you know, please contact us!



Exodus Cry


Fight The New Drug


New Hope Ministries


Hope Within


Bridge of Hope